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MalinGer Kennels is a hobby kennel that spares no expense in producing Belgian Malinois of the highest quality.  The number of litters we produce changes from year to year. We plan our litters well in advance,  taking into account several factors that inlcude our ability to devout time and resources to each litter, as well as whether we have qualified homes lined up BEFORE we actually breed the prospective dogs. 

Our goal is to produce healthy dogs with balanced drive, structure and temperament. Our dogs are from working bloodlines. They are not 'just' show dogs. We strive to meet and exceed the written breed standard, believing that dogs used for breeding pruposes should both look and act the part. 

We focus more of our attention on the bitches that we keep back, as they are the corner stone of any breeding program. When browsing through our pages please check out our 'Bitches' page as we strive for the complete package in any female that we use for breeding. Many of our dogs have mutli-discipline titles and conformation championships.

Please browse thourgh the site, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I have posted lots of pictures of our dogs at work and at play, displaying their immense drive, gorgeous structure and pigment as well as their steady nerves and impeccable temperaments!! I am VERY proud of the dogs I breed and am always available to discuss what my plans are for the future; both near and distant.

All of our puppies our raised in house and underfoot. If by chance we have more than one litter that overlaps, we hire another experienced breeder to raise that litter in their home. We have done this on a couple of occassions with good success. Puppies are continuously handled and socialized to a variety of stimuli daily. All of our Breeding dogs are screened for genetic disorders, and are active in numerous avenues including conformation showing,  obedience, schutzhund and Agility. 

We do not have kennel dogs. All of our breeding dogs are companion animals first, and breeding dogs second. Many of our breeding dogs are sold with co-own agreements for one to two litters, and live with their co-onwers; returning to us for a litter or stud.

Reservations for puppies is strongly advised. We give a two year written health guarantee on ALL genetic disorders. All pups are examined by a licensed veterinarian at eight weeks, microchipped, and Canadian Kennel Club reg'd with non-breeding papers.  We deworm our pups with a natural deworming product starting at 5 weeks of age, and test stool for parasites, amoebas, and culture for pathogenic bacteria before they leave us.