MalinGer's Safe Haven
(Detection Dog; Bed Bugs)

OFA: Fair   Elbows: Normal

Trained in: Detection (Bed Bugs)
Height: 25"
Weight: 65lbs
Colour: Red
Mask: Full, deep and complete
Bite: Scissor. Correct full mouth/calm grip, with full dentition.
Coat: Correct Double coat - thick and dense
Temperament: Social and stable with people and dogs, no environmental sensitivities
Drive: High Food, High Prey, Good Defense, High Toy
Critique: Overall excellent specimen. Large masculine head with correct planes. Excellent ear set and size. Excellent depth and breadth of chest with correct withers sloping into a short/level top line. He has straight legs front and rear with balanced angles and correct croup. Haven is a tad short in neck, which is desirable for high end sports that involve biting/gripping.
Recommendation for breeding: Good