Jovan les Betulacees DD
Certified Drug Detection Dog
(7pts toward his Can. Championship)
Import from Belgium
OFA: Excellent  Elbows: Normal  Spine: Clear


Trained in : Obedience, Conformation, Drug Detection
Heght: 26.5"
Weight: 78lbs
Mask: Moderate
Colour:  Mahogany
Coat: Correct double coat, plush in texture, dense/thick
Markings: Black Points, White blaze on chest
Carrier for: Long Hair
Bite: Scissor, full dentition, Deep/calm/full grips
Drive: Low food, Good Defense, High Prey, High toy
Temperament: Excellent. Very social and outgoing, no environmental sensitivities.
Overall Critique: 'Jovan' is extremely masculine - in every way. He has tremendous bone, with large correct cat like feet, straight front and rear assembly with no toeing in or out - and no cow-hocking in the rear. He has  exceptional movement -  even at a young age. He has excellent depth of chest with pronounced sternum, high correct ear set and size, and an abundance of neck. A little thick and wide in the skull, which gives him a full mouth bite with deep grips. Jovan has exceptional deep pigment.
Thank you to Theo and Eve Berkers in Belgium for this outstanding male.
Recommendation for Breeding: Excellent