MalinGer's Odin RN CDX CGN
OFAp: Good   Elbows: 0/1 

Trained in: Obedience, Conformation
Height: 25"
Weight: 65lbs
Colour: Dark Mahogany Sable
Mask: Acceptable
Coat: Correct Double coat
Carrier for: Blue, Long Hair, Full mask, Black Sable, Bi-colour
Drive: High food, Good Prey, Good Toy, Good Defense. Has been appropriately civil.
Temperament: Social, stable and outgoing while being very calm
Overall Critique:  Nice head, excellent ear set and size. Great shoulder layback, straight legs (slight toeing out in the front) Excellent tight cat feet, thick bone, deep pigment throughout. Movement is good. 
Breeding Recommendation: Good 

MalinGer's Odin CDX RN CGN