MalinGer Kennels is a Canadian Kennel Club Registered Kennel in name only. We do not operate,  or maintain a ‘kennel’ in the traditional sense.  The dogs in our breeding program are Co-owned with Responsible individuals throughout North America.  We are always interested in discussing Co-own partnerships - in furthering our terrific program.   We spare no expense in producing Belgian Malinois of the highest quality.  The number of litters we produce varies from year to year, as well as geographic location. We plan our litters well in advance, taking into account numerous factors that include our ability to devote time and resources to each litter, as well as whether we have qualified homes lined up BEFORE we actually breed the prospective dogs.  Please visit our Available page (for pups currently available) and our Planned Litters Page (for upcoming litters by Calendar year).  To learn more about who we are and our vast Extended MalinGer family across North America - click here to go to our About Us page.

Our goal is to produce healthy dogs with balanced drive, structure and temperament. Our dogs are from working bloodlines. We do NOT have, or use, any ‘show’ lines in the pedigrees of the dogs in our program. We strive to meet and exceed the written breed standard; preserving the true Malinois , which embodies strength,  balanced character, and above all versatility in its’ ability to perform in many roles.

Belgian Malinois’, first and foremost, were trusted sheepdogs, and all around farm dogs. They were put into service during the First World War as Ambulance dogs; locating wounded soldiers as well as running messages and telephone wires at the front lines. It was during the Second World War that their duties grew to include sentry, guard and other tasks. Having their working abilities proven, many enthusiasts began purposefully selecting and breeding specific traits - aimed at a particular job. However, in so doing, much of what made the dogs so desirable for work/service, their versatility to adapt and perform numerous types of work,  has been lost through generations of such narrow selection, without regard to overall balance. It is the mission of MalinGer Kennels and our purposeful breeding program to ensure what once was – still remains to this day, and beyond.