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Summer 2023

Levi x Dante
2M 3F
1 Female Available

MalinGer's 4Ever in Blue Jeans AX AXJ OF

MalinGer's Presto IPO3

I am excited to announce this long awaited pairing between two exceptional dogs, Levi and Dante. Levi is a stunning black sable who is eager, biddable, and high drive with an off switch, who is extremely focused when working. She is trained to utility level in competitive obedience, but is currently competing in agility where she has some of the fastest times in the US. Dante is highly social, with deep full grips and pronounced bite/fight. He loves to train, and performs all tasks with great speed and precision.  This litter is offered to EXPERIENCED trainers and handlers with PROVEN upper levels titles and/or working certificates.

1 Female Available


Spring 2024

Emmy x Cerin

MalinGer's Emmy