Additional Dogs to be Added Shortly

MalinGer's Supersonic Mac CSAU FR1

MalinGer's Hans SAR - Avalanche Rescue

MalinGer's Dante IPO3

MalinGer's Pure K-os - Security/Detection Dog ( Explosives)

MalinGer's Tsunami SAR

MalinGer's Flik BH

CH. MalinGer's High Velocity CD RN CGN BH CSAU FR2

MalinGer's Envy Me SAR CGN HIC

MalinGer's Rumour Has It - Police Service Dog (Explosives)

MalinGer's Chloe SAR


MalinGer's Make me Blush BH

MalinGer's Saucy Wren SAR (Human Remains)

MalinGer's Short Fuse BH

OTCH CH. MalinGer's Crazy Like a Fox BH CGN HIC RA - Medic Alert Dog (Blood Sugar)

MalinGer's On Fire SAR

MalinGer's Bourbon BH IPO2

MalinGer's Tacitus - Service Dog (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

MalinGer's Freya SAR - Avalanche Rescue in Training

MalinGer's Fury - Detection Dog (Narcotics)

MalinGer's Tia SAR

MalinGer's Safe Haven - Detection Dog (Bed Bugs)

MalinGer's Sweet Almond Roka SAR CGC (Human Remains)

CH. MalinGer's Wish I Had Wings BH CDX HIC CGN RN Am CD

MalinGer's Windigo - Medic Alert Dog (Blood Sugar)

MalinGer's Just My Luck SAR

MHIT CH. MalinGer's Majestic Huntress BH CDX CGN RN

MalinGer's Trigger - Detection Dog (Narcotics/Firearms)

MalinGer's Bringer of the Storms SAR

HIT MalinGer's Tempus Fugit at Dio CD BH RN TD

MalinGer's The Sky's The Limit CDX CGN RA

MalinGer's Valla SAR

MalinGer's Kronos BH IPO1

MalinGer's Right on Target - Detection Dog (Bed Bugs)

CH. Blade vom MalinGer CD RN CGN BH

MalinGer's Melody - Medic Alert Dog ( Blood Sugar)

MalinGer's Quinn SAR (Human Remains on Water)

MalinGer's Silver Willow - Detection Dog (Bed Bugs)

CH. MalinGer's The Dye is Cast CD RN CGN HIC (Therapy Dog)

MalinGer's Loki TDX

MHIT MalinGer's Pivot CDX RE TDX