About Us

MalinGer Kennels’ is located in Ontario, Canada. However,  over the last decade we have grown and expanded our Breeding Program through Co-ownership, and the development of partnerships with experienced and accomplished individuals throughout North America.  The extended MalinGer family includes accomplished trainers as well as canine sport enthusiasts who support and assist us in furthering our terrific program.  These truly special people exemplify and embody the same high level of knowledge, skill and practices that has allowed us to produce the highest quality dogs for the last 16 years.

MalinGer Kennels was born out of the undying passion I have for this breed, along with a great hope and plan to continually improve it with each generation produced. I have been working with Malinois for over 30 years, and was a commercial dog trainer by trade 20 years.  In 2013 I took the step to retire from Commercial training, which now allows me to focus on breeding and training our MalinGer dogs full time. This jump from part time hobby kennel to full-time pursuit ensures the highest quality and commitment to both our dogs and our clients.