(Import from Mexico)
OFAp: Hips: Excellent   Elbows: Normal
Spine: Clear


Trained for: Obedience
Height: 25"
Weight: 60lbs
Coat: Lacks undercoat.
Colour: Fawn Sable
Mask: Full deep and complete - extreme expression of masking gene
Markings: Black Points (Ears, Chest, legs)
Temperament: Very social, stable and confident
Drive: High Prey drive, moderate to low defense, high food.
Bite: Scissor, full dentition. Correct full mouth/calm grip.
Overall Critique: Excellent head planes, ear size and set, amazing pigment on Mask and points. Straight legs, front and rear, good balanced movement, slightly long in the legs. Adequate shoulder layback, excellent short/level topline, correct croup, tail just a tad short.
Recommendation for breeding: Good