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Co-Owning with MalinGer Kennels
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I receive a lot of emails about Co-owning. So I will answer for you in a nutshell what 'Co-owning' encompasses at THIS kennel - as it is different to each breeder and their program.

The Basics
*Co-own means you get the pick of the litter (meaning MY pick - as in the best pup, although your pick and my pick may be the same).
*I will pay for the OFA X-rays to be done, and any other pertinent breeding tests/procedures.
*Co-owners cannot use the dog for breeding themselves. Period.
*There are financial penalties and Re-possession of the dog for 'accidental' or intentional litters/breedings, unauthorized spaying/neutering  of co-owns, re-homing or re-selling, death, loss or morbidity due to negligence or lack of due diligence/care.
*Dogs must follow adherence to limited use of Vaccines and other 'preventative' wormers/medications while under contract
*Contract restrictions for health/safety as to where you can take/leave your Co-own dog. (i.e - dog park, boarding kennel etc...)
*Food must be high quality and mutually agreed upon
*Stud fees for both male/female will be paid to the Co-owner IF the dog is titled/certified with greater than 'Entry/low' level titles.

For a Male Co-own - you cannot neuter him, unless medically warranted.  When/If I need stud - you are to make the dog available to me. If you are beyond a reasonable driving distance, 5hrs or more,  I will arrange for a Veterinarian local to you to collect semen and Fed Ex it to me. The price of the pup is the same as all the others. NOT all co-own dogs will be bred - it depends on many factors: Suitable Female, Timing, etc.. I am moving toward 'Banking' or freezing semen from all, if not most, of the Co-own males we have now and in future - so that they may be available to me if desired at any time - near or far. Lastly - you CANNOT breed the dog yourself at any time. Period.

For a Co-own female - the standard contract (for Co-owns sold at 8 -12 weeks old) is for 2 litters. Sometimes less, sometimes more - it depends on many factors. The standard contract allows for two litters - I will NOT add more unless MUTUALLY agreed upon, and I will offer financial compensation for additional litters. The breedings will be conducted through Artificial Insemination to the stud of MY choice - and the female will return to me, or to one of my trusted colleagues who sometimes raises a litter for us,  one week prior to whelping (delivery). After the 2nd litter, I will return the original 'Purchase fee' and sign her over to you solely (with non-breeding papers). Technically, the Pick Female is free. She will have to spayed at your expense - and she CANNOT be bred by you or anyone else. PERIOD.

These are the agreements in a 'nutshell' - there are some variances made on a 'case by case' basis. You need to contact me with your SPECIFIC situation. Some dogs will have amendments that include showing/titling - at my time and expense. Some allow for a litter to be raised by you with financial compensation (depending on your circumstances and previous experience). Some allow for attendance for free (less rent paid to the facility we are using) in dog training classes that we conduct etc..

We have built a phenomenal program with the help and great care of our trusted Co-owners. This allows us to continue to produce OUTSTANDING dogs while providing the animals themselves with happy, healthy, full and enriched lives - NOT merely warehoused in concrete cages FOR reproduction. It is true that THIS program would/could not continue without these fantastic individuals. We have been running the program in this way for over 10 years now - with what I would say is great success.
My sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to all my wonderful Co-owners who comprise the MalinGer Family, locally and internationally - you are truly ONE of a kind!

Additional FAQ
What are the benefits of Co-ownership?
To some it is important to have the best pup in a litter, while to others they do not want to spay/neuter and feel there is some health benefit to allowing their dog to responsibly reproduce.  While others simply believe in what we are trying to do and want to be a part of it. There are many personal reasons why someone wishes to assist as a Co-owner for our terrific program. We do offer some financial compensation to those that earned titles and working certificates, and we do return the 'purchase fee' on female co-own dogs. I doubt, however that these are the deciding or driving factors behind wanting to Co-own with us.

What are the disadvantages of Co-ownership?
I would suppose that some of the disadvantages of Co-owning would centre around the contract restrictions - though all are intended for the health/safety, welfare and best interest of the dog. We specifically limit the number of unnecessary vaccines, and 'preventative' pesticides used, as well as food given and where/what you can do with your Co-own dog. Things like running loose/off-leash on or near roads, keeping out of dirty dog parks/daycares and boarding kennels. All of these 'restrictions' are, to me, reasonable and aid in the health and longevity of the dog - and it's future offspring.

Can I breed the dog myself?

Do I have to be local to your area to be a Co-owner?
No. We have Co-own dogs all over North America, and we are currently discussing 'partnership' programs with breeders and other qualified individuals in numerous other countries world wide. If you are outside North America and are interested in becoming part of our extended MalinGer family - please free to contat me directly to discuss. We no longer ship dogs for breeding, but rather collect and ship semen to our females for insemination. However, females will have to be shipped (by car or plane) for whelping, unless a more local alternative that is qualified is available. All of our trusted 'partners' are paid to whelp/raise litters in their home on our behalf. I am involved in every step of this process from Conception through delivery and all of the rearing process until they go to their new homes. I personally screen each buyer and take care of all the arrangements etc..

Does is cost any money? (co-own pups are not free)
Yes. A Co-own pup is, initially, the same price all the other pups in a litter. However, if you title or earn a working certificate (beyond entry/low levels) we will pay for use of stud/litters back. In the case of females - the original purchase price will be returned to you after two litters back, regardless of titling/certifying. Any/all issues directly related to our use of breeding/reproduction will be covered by the kennel, which includes: OFA Xrays, and other tests/procedures needed/required for diligent/responsible breeding practices, as well as the collection/transport of Semen and in some cases the female for whelping.

Do you have a sample contract I can look at?
We will provide a sample contract for Co-owns AFTER we have received a $500 non-refundable deposit towards the purchase of a puppy from our kennel. We have gone to great expense and trouble to have written legal documents that protect both parities. This site has become a reference source for new and/or backyard breeders who are incapable of doing their own work, or would simply pilfer from others who have. Buyers that place deposits will be sent a copy of the purchase contract before the final sale will be completed. General points that are covered include: duration of the health guarantee and what it covers, responsibilities of the kennel,  responsibilities of the buyer, how/where 'disputes' are to be settled, penalties should any of the terms of the contract be breached, etc... Our civil contracts are very detailed and are signed by both parties BEFORE the final sale takes place - and the responsibilities of BOTH parties are CLEARLY laid out and will be enforced.

*For General points covered within the Co-own contact see above under the subheading ' The Basics'.